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Latest trend: Pre-recorded webinars!

As you probably know, live webinar events pull out the highest sales conversion ratios in the Internet Marketing Industry because you're broadcasting your marketing message to a live, receptive and eager audience!


No wonder all the top internet marketers in the world implement live webinars in their business!

HOWEVER, there are 4 major problems with live webinars:


> Since they're live, you need to actually conduct them in real time, so they're very time consuming for you as the webinar presenter.

> Plenty of unexpected tech problems can happen mid-way through, like anything that's broadcast live!

> Not everyone feels comfortable to a live audience of 100+ people!

> They are expensive, up to $500 per month!


But those problems are no more... because of the revolutionary Automated Webinar Generator has just been released!

What is it about?

In a nutshell, it makes a pre-recorded video look like a LIVE webinar, and you can pre-schedule it all in advance so you can run your webinars A) hassle free and B) on autopilot!

Take a look here:

- Record a video and present it to your audience like if it was a live webinar!

- Pre-schedule your webinars so the video plays at your desired day and time, so you do not have to be online while on the webinar.

- Configure recurrent webinars: for example, every Monday and Thursday at 9am and 5 pm, so you can play the same webinar to new attendees every week!

- Dynamic attendee list, so your attendees think they're at a live and kicking event.


- Intelligent chat box: all the questions entered by your attendees will be forwarded to your email address so you can answer them individually.


- Built-in email notification system: all your registrants will be automatically notified as the webinar's scheduled time draws near.

- Totally set-and-forget: once you've configured your parameters, you don't have to meddle with your webinar ever again!

- Easy to use configuration dashboard. You will have it all installed and running within 10 minutes.


In short: as an internet marketer, you want to implement webinars into your business... but you want to do it the smart way

do it the automated way!

Get It Here Risk FREE!


Communicate with multiple friends, family, and business associates all at once. All you need is our service and a webcam or camera. All  your audience needs is an Internet connection.

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