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Buffalo Webcasting is a premium digital video broadcasting and web video streaming software solutions provider, oriented towards live entertainment feeds, streaming media solutions and pre-recorded video content delivery.

Our field of expertise includes the development of consistent software packages designed for webmasters and various online businesses requiring a 24x7 reliable software platform for broadcasting internet video shows, web video broadcasting, digital data feeds, and beyond.

Each individual Buffalo Webcasting software suite integrates the certified standard marked by our partner, JamOnCam, a leader in live entertainment software solutions and cost-effective live broadcasting software. Moreover, our software packages, endorsed by market-acknowledged JamOnCam quality standard, are designed for complete customization and integration of both audio and video content, live or pre-recorded, and developed in a secure Flash and PHP environment.

Our team of designers have a proven track record for satisfaction and success. We will build your organization a complete custom and completely branded package solution totally customized to your specifications. We can create from scratch if necessary, the ability for custom software applications, intranet and extranet solutions, webcasting, e-commerce, and more. Abilities for a completely live integrated system that allows virtual sales, management, meetings, blogs, forums, with complete backend managing controls. Virtually anything with, or even without live integration capabilities.

Your visitors will discover a whole new virtual experience. If it's webcasting you need, we build it so YOUR BRAND name is on the viewer - not a provider who advertises at your expense. We are a Tier 1 provider.

How we work:

Clear project specifications are created and organized from the onset of the project. These specifications are loaded into out secure Project Management Software. This online tool allows you to work along side the development team through completion.

We utilize Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) for code and blame controls.
This allows us to control development and commit changes to your code or website in a safe and secure method.

We are confident that we can assist you in building solutions according to your specifications.
We hope to hear from you soon.



About us:

We have been working in the Video Arena using Flash Pro Comm arena since the inception of Macromedia's Linux release. We host over 40 clients on our FCS load balanced severs. We have vast knowledge in Flash Object code and large scale redundant server implementations. We thoroughly test all of our code on heavily visited sites (that we own). We are a USA based company.

We have installed several enterprise community solutions complete with Membership billing on a monthly and pay-per-minute basis in PHP, MYSQL on RedHat Linux OS.

We pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best all having 4-5 year IT engineering. You are assured to have your project delivered on time and within budget!
Our Partner Development Team Offers:
- Competitive programming rates
- Customized software development (utilizing the latest code control CVS techniques)
- Server management (currently handle 20+ UNIX Servers.
- Advanced design in flash for web or print
- 3D Rendering
- Artificial Intelligence development
- Project management
- Permanent staff placement
- Human Resources
- Online support via instant messenger / trouble tickets / Video Chats
- Server Management specializing deployment of Linux and Windows Servers including Virtualization, including MySQL/Apache/Flash Com Server/ Load Balancing Solutions.



Custom Webcasting Example:


*300 viewers (people watching your live stream in a large custom frame viewer)

Viewers Receive @ 220K (avg.) - The quality measurement of how viewers watch your stream.

Push - Transmit @ 500k (high video) How your stream is sent out for broadcast.

60 minutes (1 hour/week) broadcasting time

4 days - 4x/mo - 1x per week

Cost $86.25/mo @ 115gig transfer used.

(/) divided by 1200 total viewings = .07 (cents) per viewer


*Using the above example with 1000 viewers - $284.25/month @ 379GB transfer. Using your own brand and custom viewer. In this example your cost is only .07 (cents)/viewer! For a LIVE Stream


Using the above example if you are a professional - Attorney, Golfer, Educator, etc. And had 300 clients watching your broadcast at $20/hr 1 time / week you would earn $6000/week. Done 4x per month would yield 24K/month. You could also archive your lessons or classes to allow future viewing.


Our load balancing and server management is capable of offering several terabytes of bandwidth transfer if your broadcast requires it. Now you can have the capability to broadcast your service 24/7/365 to an unlimited amount of viewers.


Have your own idea of how to integrate this service for yourself? Contact us to give you a specific quote on your projected or current project needs.




Looking for or need a professional designer, programmer or IT specialist? 


Need to add to your current or future project load? Need a short term project completed without long term expenses? We solve IT problems and eliminate the worry or frustration of getting your project done right. Our outsource solutions will provide you with a design professional specifically assigned to your exact development requirements. 


Full Custom Flash™ 9 FLIX, FLV, FM, .NET, JAVA, C++, PHP, SQL, XML, JSP, VB, HTML, XHTML, CVS deployment 5+ Years Experience. Short and long term solution assignments for I/T outsourced services available.

We do it right from the beginning, to the end, and ongoing if necessary. You tell us what you want including any/all bells or whistles. From your specifications we will create a quote in writing. Then let you decide.


How can our services benefit you?


With health care, workers comp, and every other benefit being cut or very expensive to provide an IT employee these days - it's no wonder why companies constantly scramble to juggle and fill these positions. IT companies are popping up everywhere with fancy sales people knocking at your door. How will you know who will, or even if they can do the job right to what you want, and provide ongoing support to change or modify your platform when needed. Our services are CUSTOM built solutions created to exactly your specifications. So when you want to make a change or add to your IT needs later we integrate that into your custom model. We have the ability to eliminate your IT headaches and provide you with the staff and support you need to get the job done. Our IT developers and staff have 5+ years experience in their chosen field of script development expertise. In the development world most proficient developers are experts with the language they write. ie. Java, PHP, Flash, Html etc. Most of these script languages are independent of each other which is why your IT needs may be limited to one or two script languages or types depending on how many you employ.

Combined - the doors and windows to your company vision is wide open. As a business owner you may not even know what other options are available for your needs and ambitions because of the limitations your current or needed IT company or staff can provide. We will work with you to put together a complete blueprint for your company's IT solution including the ability for modification integration as technologies and industries change.  


We can help you with this by providing additional support to your current IT platform or filling a void position. Maybe you have the best PHP guy or gal in the world. Ask them to write a Flash program and they may look at you funny. If your company is serious about wanting to get to the next level, we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs assessment.



Did this or something similar ever happen to you?


You thought you would save money and hire someone to do a project. You got yes, yes, yes, basically yes'd to death. The project gets started... you are shown an example then more money is needed to move forward. Then when you think its close, you have to send more money. You want to make changes... more money. Then when you think the job is done and close to ending send more money. Finally the end project if it was completed, was pieced together with so many different scripts from different sources, that wanting your platform to work correctly, and function properly together, was impossible. Trying to go back to the source was impossible because the person who did the work was either out of the country, nowhere to be found, or no longer works for the company you hired. Now you are back to square one. We hear these kind of stories regularly because there are no shortcuts in doing something right. A good plan goes a long way. In most cases there was no long tern vision strategy plan or blueprint considered from the onset. If you were building a custom home or office you would want things done right to specifications from the blueprint designed by the archetect. The same holds true with your technology integration for your business. 

The difference between us and others:


One of the biggest differences which makes us stand out from any possible competitor is Customization. You see - other companies can build a platform and let you use it or rent it especially if it has their brand name on it. Others can sell you their software which may or may not be what you really want or need. The way we see that is, you are basically paying them to promote their product. We on the other hand, have the capability to build totally custom work according to your exact  specifications from the ground up if necessary or plug in a solution to your existing platform.


This includes a custom and branded viewer of any size for your company. Our video platforms are created with Flash™ .FLV which offers the highest level of quality and protection in the industry. We can even produce commercials and/or professional training videos for you. We can provide the full project blueprint, consultation, build, and total ongoing modifications for support and growth.


Another significant difference is there are No Limitations. Other platforms for webcasting limit users, charge extra for the number of users, etc. Because we build your broadcast platform for you specifically, and build in our proprietary unlimited back end features, your growth is only limited by your ambition and future vision. Our platform will allow your organization to start at the top and grow further at it's own pace, without any restrictions


CVS deployment supports pre launch testing and ongoing development changes. Our deployment practices ensure the ability to fix or modify changes when or if necessary. By taking the time to do it right the first time, and allowing ongoing development support, you will save time, money and further frustration. This will ultimately provide you the freedom to focus on your business at hand. Your brand name is on the final project. Your logo and color schemes are integrated as specified - not a pre-fabricated site or software product which looks the same as everyone else's. This is what separates us from the others. As a matter of fact, the chances are very good that your custom product from us will cost less than other cookie-cutter designs and/or less than what you already pay for your current webcasting or I/T needs. Contact us for more information.


See our sample of A Virtual Cinema

You can integrate custom webcasting and web conferencing services to:

  • offer free or pay per view webcasting, timers to allow a free preview of your service, IP ban or silencing, live support, movies, shopping, sporting events, legal advise, classes the list goes on and on ... with sales to and from anywhere in the world!
  • train employees in other branch offices - network with members of your team, or organization
  • convenient access from any Internet connected computer on the planet!
  • include links to order forms, internal or external webpages
  • conduct a LIVE webcast and accept orders DURING the event! Offer pre-recorded information as an ongoing service.
  • unlimited access plans, intranet or extranet capabilities.
  • complete broadcasting comprehensive systems for radio, television, movies and entertainment
  • and more...

Top Industries:

Future and Current development models for A Virtual industry platforms:

  • A Virtual Cinema (more info)

  • A Virtual Mall

  • A Virtual Bank

  • A Virtual Event

  • A Virtual Employee

  • A Virtual School

  • A Virtual Teacher

  • A Virtual Doctor

  • A Virtual Hospital

  • A Virtual Golf Course

  • A Virtual Grocery Store

  • A Virtual Sporting Event

  • A Virtual Police Department

  • A Virtual Auction

  • A Virtual Anything you need developed - The list is endless.

What Virtual Needs do have or want created or developed for your company or industry?

Just need Bandwidth?


Rates starting at .75 / Gig Transfer

*The above are introductory rates that apply to new custom package development services. Contact us for full details.



Thank you for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon. Please contact us with questions about our Team and qualifications. Please let us know if we can assist in any projects that you may need part time or with permanent placement for your company.

Allow us to provide you with a personal consultation to devise a specific plan for your organizations objectives.

 Contact Us with your specifications for a free quote.

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