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Stream your channel(s), and information live to an unlimited global audience while earning unlimited potential revenues!

We developed the formula to do this for you!

If you are a media provider and your media service is looking to offer the next generation of services in the industry or if you are an advertiser with any form of media... please consider the following.

Print - Print publications provide an excellent product in the form of a newspaper, magazine, journal, etc. They work very hard to make deadlines, gather information from various sources, and then have to get the product out to print for distribution on schedule. I used to be in the industry. If breaking news occurs during the print cycle or in some instances prior, the story is missed until the next run. This could be the next day, week, or even the next month. For the majority, advertising is what pays the bills not subscriptions. Advertisers buy space determined on a number of factors. Primarily circulation and/or including total distribution points, cost per projected reader, and ROI based on previous experience use. Advertisers are demanding more and more for less. Product materials, ink, insurance and transportation costs are making a serious dent in how publishers have to re-think pricing, production, service and distribution methods.

For print media sources the new generation is virtual webcasting to the subscriber and for servicing the advertiser. By starting to weave in webcasting to your current platform, it will prove to offset other costs and certainly generate new income streams. Virtual webcasting can allow a 24/7/365 platform to your subscribers and advertisers without the high costs associated with traditional distribution. There are no associated paper, ink, fuel, transportation vehicle, or high liability insurance costs. With virtual webcasting there are no missed deadlines as news and information is reported live. With virtual webcasting your advertisers know more specifically how many viewers, readers, and subscribers saw their content. As the media provider you can even push designated content for a fee, to promote your advertisers. This will ultimately give you added leverage when calling on new and current advertising sources.

Can any media; Print, Television, Radio tell us exactly how many readers actually saw our ad in-between all those other pages? Can any TV or radio station tell us exactly how many listeners or viewers saw or heard our event or commercial on their channel or station during the exact time ours ran?

For most - Probably not. While researching over the past several years we found out a couple of common threads which frustrated us when deciding how to spend our own advertising and media budget dollars. Network, Cable, Radio, Print, etc. Almost every one of them would say something to the effect of "We are #1 in the market". (Sound familiar?) So thinking about it, I wondered, if just the top 3 TV networks in my region are all #1, which #1 should I go with? (Ever wonder this yourself)? Not a single one could tell me exactly how many actual viewers or listeners would actually see or hear my ad. It makes sense, we all have our own schedules. I actually miss our own TV show on occasion because of other conflicts.

Television and radio send out a broadcast signal to market areas. Some are local, some regional, and few national. So based on a population in a given market where the broadcast signal is received, somewhat dictates the cost of running commercial ads. You also have to account for other operating costs, economic conditions, and "Market share" of course. The basic theory here is supply, demand, and viewership/listenership (x) what the market will bear. The signal cannot determine who watched on what day, in what market, at what time, on which channel. Yes, those advertising reps in that industry work hard and long to get a commercial on the air.

When looking to run commercials for our services I got the... "You have to run your ad several times to get a response" "repetition, repetition, repetition" constantly drilled into me. The objective being the more ads I ran and more money I spent, the better chance someone would see my commercial. Well If I have to spend thousands to have a commercial made, then pay thousands to run my commercials for example, to sell a product or service under $100 with a 20 - 30% margin, I will have to sell Tens of thousands of that item just to recoup my initial, then ongoing media investment. No wonder it's a tough decision and huge risk. I also scratched my head wondering for whom or what I'm actually working for.

Now don't get me wrong, I view all media, I read different print publications, I listen to various radio stations, and I watch different television stations including watching our own television show. All of them entertain and inform me. Probably a lot like you. But when it comes to investing our media dollars, I had to figure out how do I get the biggest bang for my buck?

Simple - I would have to create a way to have control of my own media. I would have to be able to provide my own TV (visual), Radio (audio) and Print (text/graphics) information to my audience. In a nut shell my own newspaper company, television and radio stations, with a distribution and broadcast to billions (unlimited). (I didn't want any market limitations).  I would have to be able to know how many people are watching, listening, or reading at any given moment. When they are tuning in we could answer their questions instantly and direct them to an answer, client, product, or service. We would have to have 24/7/365 availability if desired, and it would have to be totally custom to my company products and/or services. (I didn't want someone else's name on the screen unless they were paying me for that advertisement). It would also have to allow me the availability to promote others in a second, if I chose to do so. It had to provide total interactivity with my audience. I would have to do this with NO risk of Blackouts and without outside manipulative controls (like rate fluctuations during different seasonal quarters). I would have to do this in a way that generated multiple income streams to maximize profits. Finally I would have to be able to do all this affordably and pinpoint my exact ongoing costs to do so. My ROI had to be significant with a minimum 5 to 1 or better ratio and various profit points. Whew... that's a lot.

The bottom line here is WE DID IT! What you have just read explains what we put together over the past 3-5 years of research and development as the most expandable and versatile product to provide professional media applications ever. Now it's time to explain and share with you how your publication, station, commercial, media,  can be broadcast to anywhere, anytime, to an unlimited audience. That audience can be counted and provide an asset to your advertisers, your organization, and the subscribers who look to you for their information. You now can take and manage all facets of your industry automatically. You can provide your event or broadcast live or recorded and there is absolutely no limit on attendance or your audience. You can start to add more revenue streams to the coffers right away and maximize your earnings and potential market share.

Up to now, only the real media powerhouses and fortune 100 could even consider something like this because of costs, dependence on 3rd parties, development limitations, and a little thing called bandwidth. Gone are the days of filming a report, running it back for editing, then providing it as a limited encrypted file. Now those reports are captured and broadcasted live and can be archived automatically for later playback on demand. No wasted time or expense with encoding, developing, or special hardware devices. No waiting to provide "Breaking News". Your information is delivered to an unlimited audience, to anywhere in the world, live and available for later broadcast. We are holding the keys to open those doors for you which will give you control over your media distribution costs online, expanding and diversifying your income portfolio, and providing you the opportunity to be one of the innovators for the next generation of media distribution.

If you are a media company and serious about the future vision of your services, and don't want to be left behind, we want to talk with you. We can provide you with this platform so you can take advantage of it, to benefit your organization, your advertisers, and most importantly the readers or viewers of your current services.

Favorite quotes (the Editor) - The future just passed you, because it happened the second you thought about it.

Allow us to provide you with a personal consultation and demonstration to devise a specific plan for your needs.

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